The Walk of Shame

Reort Card

Fig. 1 Report Card

Teaching – what a wonderful profession, a teacher gets the privilege of shaping the “minds” of the future.  What a powerful profession to have the ability to make or break a student’s mind and/or emotional welfare one grade at a time.  I watched a group of first grade students fall apart,  break down and begin to cry at the thought of being reprimanded for their behavior.  This same scenario was true for a group of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  There is a classroom management technique known as “the walk of shame” in this writer’s opinion.

Members of a particular social media platform went ballistic  when the mother of a child beat him in the street for participating in criminal behavior and she posted it on social media;  there were approximately 167K comments for the child who had his hair cut off by his mother – posted to social media; yet another incident where the father beat his daughter for what seemed like an hour over inappropriate posting on a social media cite – it was re-posted more than the 10 Commandments and the beating was favorably noted.

Red Green Yellow Behavior Chart Shame Identifier

Fig. 2 Class Behavior Chart

Yet, did you know your elementary children are taking “the walk of shame”, it lives and breathes in most elementary school.  The “walk” goes a little like this – Ms. Ruler is teaching a class when she notices Corey is talking to Shaniqua again after either a verbal warning or “the look” is given to him.  Ms. Ruler interrupts the class and states loudly to Corey what is the rule about talking during class?  Corey’s face is changing from a playful 3rd grader to an face of sadness, as Ms. Ruler tells him to get up and move his ice-cream stick from the Green cup to the Yellow cup.   Corey has to take the “Walk of Shame” across the floor as everyone watches and move his ice-cream stick (that has always been associated with “sweet fun”) from the Green (I’m a good student) to Yellow – (Better watch out)!

This scenario depict a common method of a public shaming behavioral systems. The intention of shame-based behavior systems is to create a disincentive for the student and the rest of the class by making the offending behavior public.

Shame as a Behavioral Modifier

Open disgrace truth be told, disgracing of any sort – would best be named a discipline as opposed to a result. It is an extraneous and torment based procedure planned to offer uneasiness to the standard rule breaker. Likewise with any discipline, disgrace can have the transient impact of debilitating certain behavior. It will, be that as it may, have just a frail long haul sway on decreasing undesirable conduct and a negative long haul impact as far as achieving behavioral change. Also, utilizing disgrace to adjust behavior will have various potential undesirable outcomes.

Praise vs. Shame


Level 3

Cooperates consistently with the other group members. Shares ideas and materials. Takes her/his turn talking. Listens to others and expects to be listened to. Performs his/her role in the group.
Level 2 Cooperates with the other group members. Usually takes her/his turn talking. Usually performs his/her role in the group


Level 1


Cooperates with the other group members. Usually takes her/his turn talking.


Level 0 Did not make the effort to be cooperative this day.

Chalk, K., & Bizo, L. A. (2004) suggested as an alternative to the walk of shame that, “We differentiate between positive and specific praise. Positive praise refers to an expression of positive affect or approval about behaviour. This could involve affirming a correct answer or giving ability or whole-person feedback. Specific praise expresses positive affect but also contextualizes behaviour. This involves precisely stating or describing the praised behaviour and possibly discussing the effort strategy or rule used by the pupil (Dweck, 2000). There is a growing body of work that shows that praise is under-utilized in the classroom and frequently delivered at rates unlikely to affect behaviour. Thompson (1997) argued that the potential of attributional messages in teachers’ praise is not being exploited to maximum effect, citing research by Blumenfeld, Hamilton, Bossert, Wessels, and Meece (1983) who found less than 1% of communications in the classroom consist of attributional feedback and that these are generally procedural, reactive and negative to children’s behaviour rather than providing information to the child about why their behaviour is or is not appropriate.

Did you know this was occurring with your children in grades K-6? Have you attended any Open House meetings in your district? If you do attend do you ask questions? Do you know what questions to ask that will affect change?

After reading this will you ask your children questions when they get home? Will you call the teacher, the principal or the Board of Education vs. waiting for them to tell you when the next group meeting will occur.

Get in involved, surely your child deserves more from you…


Chalk, K., & Bizo, L. A. (2004). Specific Praise Improves On‐task Behaviour and Numeracy Enjoyment: A study of year four pupils engaged in the numeracy hour. Educational Psychology in Practice, 20(4), 335-351.









Take the Pledge to End Domestic Violence

Abused Women Don't Speak
The Bus Ride Continues…

In my early days I was flirting with idea of writing a book. I pondered various ways to begin writing, various topics and on most days I defaulted to the same conclusion – my life’s experiences were not anything new or worth sharing with the world. Present day since I’m still tweaking my story. I titled this original piece as “The Book Chapter 34 Years”. It’s been quite a while since I started the draft of this ride on #TheBus, but I had a conversation the other day which prompted me to revisit this excerpt. He said it just does not make any sense that a women would stay in an abusive relationship especially after the first time. I’m going to tell you the story as it was presented to me on the Bus one day in hopes that maybe you can tell this man how a woman can get on the Violent Bus and can’t find her way to the front of The Bus and simply – walk off.

“Who was this little girl that had turned into a weakened tomato, pealing and oozing from all angles. How did she get to that state of being and no one reach in and pull her off The Bus, did anyone know she was on the bus with all those monsters? In the beginning she was regular kid from what appeared to be a regular family. She had a mother and a father who lived in the same house and who were married. She was an only child and life seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. She never wanted for food, shelter or clothing, she loved her parents and they loved her more than words can say… now for the strange part…

There Are Monsters On the Bus
…She remembers waking up on occasion and seeing blood on the floor. Yes, the same little girl who would store her gum on her headboard for later use wearing pajamas with the feet attached, would wake up to blood on the floor. They had been fighting again, that sound that fighting sound would reverberate throughout the house and immediately evoke fear indicating that something had gone dangerously wrong again. What could she do as a 2nd grader, that tone still startles her today.

She doesn’t remember what she said to him that “Boy is Junior High School”, it didn’t really matter because the consequences were always unjustified – but she does remember the slap. The slap, the slap, the slap, he was always slapping her or telling her he was going to slap her. She vaguely remembers the first slap in retrospect she thinks to herself, why didn’t she run, break up with him or question her own participation and acceptance in this “slapping thing” she never questioned it.

…She thought he was cute, he was gentle, seemed genuinely concerned about her well-being, he was calm – never raised his voice and he had great sense of humor. She remembers he said he couldn’t get mad at his sisters any night before school because they would give him clothes that didn’t match in the morning – he was color blind. They were on their out way out one night and before they arrived at the local club he handed her something and asked her to put it in the glove compartment. It was awfully heavy and she was afraid to look. She thought to herself what could be that heavy, when enough light was shining through the window she looked “it” just before she put the object in the glove compartment – fear briefly stepped aside and then she identified it, it was a gun! Something oddly excited her about that moment, the gun and “The Color-Blind Man”.

…they were in love she thought and then one day “The Military Man” told her he had to go home and marry the girl in New Jersey because she was pregnant and it was the right thing to do. She looked at him with her held tilted to the side in disbelieve while the pain rose so fast inside of her she couldn’t acknowledge all that she was feeling at that moment. Pregnant how did that happen in New Jersey from from Virginia! She left the house to use the pay phone and before she could finish dialing her father’s number a forceful hand had latched on to her forefinger literally pulling her out of the phone booth by her finger. Her fore finger still shows sign of the “Phone Booth Strangler”.

…She could not believe this “Man from Another Culture” hit her, he hit her again while she struggled to get up from the first punch. The same man who swore day after day, week after week, month after month, that he loved her so much he would give his right arm for her. She went to work with her first black eye ever, Fashion Fair make up could not adequately hide the scar on her right eye – more importantly she didn’t know about the invisible scars that were already attached to her heart.

… He wasn’t attractive, but he was loaded – $Financially$. He had a job that gave him power that most corporate black men who wear a suit and tie making well over 6 figures will never experience. On her way to lunch one day with her co-workers she looked in the rear view mirror to see police lights and sirens flagging her to pull over. She wasn’t afraid, they were not killing black men women back in those days for traffic violations.  She thought what a mess how embarrassing is this, in broad daylight on a bright warm sunny day in the middle of downtown for God and country to witness – then she realized she was driving his car and he was a “Bad Car Owner”.  She made a decision to leave him, this was waay too much.

Sometime later, she was visiting with a gentleman that wears a suit and tie to work and there’s a knock at the door. It’s the “Bad Car Owner, she whispers out of fear, “Don’t let him in” and bam! the door opens. There’s something about this “Bad Car Owner” that causes her level of fear to rise exponentially every time he comes near her. At first she thought it was intriguing but later she became aware it was fear, plain ol’ fear.  He’s comes through the door posing as if he is simply going to have a discussion. That was not ever gonna happen, he’s not that kind of guy “Bad Car Owners” don’t discuss anything, they come to the table with pre-disposed answers, definitions and resolutions. After he crosses the door way, he starts yelling and waving his hands, across the dining room table as if he’s been hurt by her decision to leave him. She concludes that it is in her best interest – for every step he takes to the right or left, she will take an equal move in the opposite direction. Her intent was to remain at the furthest point from him that the length and width of the dining room table would allow.

Children often ask why do we need Algebra and Geometry – when will we ever need to use any information about the x and y axis?

He quickly figured out her mathematical positioning and decided he was going to implement the elementary math game of Leap Frog and the next thing she was saw was the darkness and a few stars circling her head much like ones you see on cartoon shows. She had not calculated the length of his arm reach until that very moment when his fist made contact with her eyebrow. She still has a picture perfect memory of the night his exceptionally large gold ring met her eyebrow from which she can never accurately have her eyebrows arched at the salon.

Whew, she survived that night – her new ‘Man in a Suitwas going to give her a new start, he gave her a key to the condo and access to another car and that Summer was going to be great! Things were going great, they were playing house and working and have a whole lot of fun. One very special poker night. Not what you think it is actually a night were there are multiple games of Poker being played simultaneously. At the end of Poker Night, she decided she was going to her parent’s home. When she looked him in the eye, he looked very different that night from any other night. He said to her, “No you’re not leaving” she said “Yes I am” and he said, “No you’re not” and simultaneously on one if his “no you’re not”, the “Man in a Suit” bent down and took a .45 and shot at her. He was determined she was not leaving and she was determined now more than ever that she must leave. In disbelief she looks at the wall behind her and across the bed to where he was standing and sure enough there it was bullet size hole in the wall. He was supposed to protect her from the “Bad Car Owner” …

… it was a regular night of shear chaos, around zero dark thirty he decided he was going to put on “His Crazy Suit” and turn the t.v. on to that old familiar show titled “Who Can Start the Most Ridiculous Argument” but this time we simply watched it waay to long. He proceeds to go downstairs, she thinks to herself, good, the show is over, but nope here he comes with that same damn “Crazy Suit” on yelling about something from the “Who Can Start the Most Ridiculous Argument” show and slaps her with a hotdog! Yes, a hotdog, that was straw that broke the gas grill. She packed her bags got on the first thing movin’ and left the state never to return. Never to return to the street where – get this – Up one block was where the Mayor of the city lived. That’s right “Crazy Suit” lived on the same street as the Mayor. Not once were the police called to the home of the crazy t.v. show, not even after she got a bottle, broke it on the banister of the steps and dared him to take one more step towards her– no not one police officer showed up – additionally no one came up those stairs near her or that broken bottle till she finished packing,

She was not going to get hit again with a palm, fist, or a hot dog…

She thought to herself this is it finally, after years of not having a “Man in a Suit”, a “Man from Another Culture”, a “Crazy Suit” a “Military Man” and certainly no “Boys from Junior High School” no man period she was navigating this thing called life relationshipless. There he was – looking cute as all get out. He would pick her up in his “Windowless Car”, they would eat, and enjoy the simple things. He went to church, yes he was a “Man of God” she met his parents and family and her and her mom adored him and he was man after her father’s own heart. One day he presented a ring! She “Exhaled” and so off Jack and Jill went up the hill and got married. Life was good for a whole 2 weeks. There was a name on the caller ID and a message – for intents and purposes no one would have not raised an eyebrow, but that name – it just wasn’t right, something had gone drastically wrong. Who knew this behavior would last 13 years, along with disappearing, theft, abandonment, women would drop his clothes off at her door, he would take women away trips, he would have musical affairs with them in the choir of the church, they would call her at home looking for him or to share about the trips he took with them, they would work with him on his job ride around in her car and make babies, they would show up at private birthday parties and introduce themselves! The “Man of God” who didn’t hit, shoot a gun or even swear, had put an irrevocable “Damage” tag on her and “walked” away from the marriage for a baby she could never have.
You may think to yourself, she could have learned from the first slap. She could have learned what, what do you think should could have learned from the first slap?

There are many reasons women don’t leave their abuser, they don’t know they are in an abusive relationship like the “Man of God”, some believe that’s the way it should be, some have never known anything different, some have been around the block so many times they don’t believe they are worthy of anything better. If you are one these women – know this, you are worthy and you deserve nothing but the best. Surely the woman in this story was not always traveling on “TheBus” less traveled but no matter what her/your/my starting point was, is or may be in the future or where she/you and I have traveled and/or the decisions she/your and or I have made and will make gives another “man” the “right” to:

  1. Move her head with a slap;
  2. Call her stupid;
  3. Change the color of her eyes from white to red with tears of sadness;
  4. Alter the structure of her face with a frying pan;
  5. Re-shape the clay the potter has already created into a fragile shell of a person;
  6. Leave her for the 20%;
  7. Deny her worth because she’s not wealthy;
  8. Lie to her;
  9. Cheat on her;
  10. Not provide for her and her children;
  11. Treat her in any other manor other than the Queen she was ALREADY destined to be.

#Take the pledge now: I Your Name Here am beautifully and wonderfully made by the Potter Himself and I will not now nor ever again allow someone to not agree with God.

Did you know that according to the Domestic Violence Statistics a woman is abused, assaulted or beaten every 9 seconds in the US – that means that hundreds of women have been abused since you started reading this story?










A Definitive Look at Winning the Lotto – A Matter of Life or Death


A dollar and a dream, that all it takes to be a winner at Lotto a game of chance where everyone wants to be a winner. With phrases like, “You Gotta be in to Win it” and “All it Takes Is a Dollar and a Dream” seem to echo in the hallways of chance catapulting one to dash off to the local convenience store and purchase 10 or 25 tickets when the pot increases. Time and time again we watch the local news as they repeat  those “winning lotto stories” thus turning up the volume of the opportunity to become a millionaire. What if your life or loss of life was the “give-away”? What would you choose, would you play, what would be the driving force behind your decision? The answer to these questions may not be so easy to make based on many factors or perhaps just one.

The lottery has been around since about 1965. In fact lotteries were illegal until 1964 according to the NGISC (National Gambling Impact Study Commission). Seems like those things that are for one reason or another deemed under the header as may not be good for human consumption are the things  certain populations of folk will fight tooth and nail for.  Alcohol, marijuana, gaming, and even abortion to name a few were labeled as illegal activities. Come with me as we take a walk down the avenue of winners and losers.

Alcohol – The Prohibition Amendment was adopted in the 1920s allowing the making and selling of alcoholic beverages illegal. However the Eighteenth Amendment of U.S. Constitution established that only certain intoxicating liquors were prohibited, so for instance the medical field and some religious groups could participate in consumption as long as the intent was not to “intoxicate” oneself. The Volstead Act further went on to define “intoxicating” and briefly state the Act provided three definitions: (1) to prohibit intoxicating beverages, (2) to regulate the manufacture, sale, or transport of intoxicating liquor (but not consumption), and (3) to ensure an ample supply of alcohol and promote its use in scientific research and in the development of fuel, dye and other lawful industries and practices, such as religious rituals.

Cannabis – In the 1600’s colonists were ordered to grow hemp for export and even George Washington grew his own batch of Marijuana. As in the “natural” course of things, pun intended, someone somewhere figured out that smoking it much like the consumption of alcohol provided a sense of well-being. There you have it in 2012 the smoking of marijuana purely for enjoyment was legalized in the state of Washington.

Abortion – A topic with grave proportions hit the circuit in Roe v. Wade. In 1973 the court ruled 7 – 2 that women had the right to abort a pregnancy, governed by the length of gestation, if she so desired. One little case that is rarely mention is the case of Doe v. Bolton where the state of Georgia would only allow abortions under the following conditions: (1) injury to the mother; (2) in rape cases; and (3) presumed deformity of the fetus. This topic continues to be a struggle today in deciding when life begins under the extreme headers of Life vs. Murder.

Gaming – Last but not least the highs and lows of “trooping” with the “Big Dawgs” a more commonly known phrase used by some young folk in urban neighborhoods. In this area the art of winning is defined as luck, chance, opportunity, a “feeling”. I’ve  watched some individuals play the gambling machines at the local casino and to my extreme surprise I have witnessed people (in hopes of manipulating “luck”) wiping the gambling screen, or attempting to calculate the number “wins” based on the amount of money used on each pull of the handle.  For example on the dollar machine with a max bet of $10 they would play $1 for 5 pulls of the handle and on the 6h pull increase their bet to the maximum $10 dollars.  I ask the question then what is luck and what is the driving force to achieve luck and can it be achieved and or manipulated?

According to Merriam-Webster, luck is defined as , “a force that brings good fortune or adversity”.  Adversity! What is this! I proclaimed. When I think of luck it has always been associated with  good fortune, and then I remembered – ahhh yes as the artist Harold Melvin states in his song Bad Luck written by himself and the Blue Notes the singer talks about bad luck may feel like the lyrics state, “…Played a number `cause that number’s hot stuff,  But the bookies get you for every cent you’ve got, Walk around in a daze with your pockets bare, Go to see your woman and she ain’t even there.”   Very descriptive of someone who has made a decision to gamble for what ever reason and now that’s he has spent all his money he goes to see his woman and she’s gone.  Geeze sounds like if you make a not so good decision everything subsequent goes awry.   Why would some folk make a decision to gamble, life stressors, i.e. a broken heart the possibility of foreclosure on a home or even watching your car roll backwards down a cliff just when the bank has demanded the return of the vehicle due to non-payment. These and other scenarios can be the catalyst for playing the lotto or gambling on the machines in the casino in hopes that the “luck” will change. Not to mention the players that have won and won exceptionally large amounts of cash in lottery drawings could make one believe they too can be a millionaire.

For example in Pennsylvania there was a winner of $250,000 in their Mega Millions ® Jackpot sales. The mere thought of receiving a quarter of million dollars for purchasing a PA Lottery Daily Number ticket coupled with paying off ones debt could surely be enough incentive to think that one’s “bad luck” will be changed in an instant. In CT and PA there are two chances to win on the same day. For example in Pennsylvania there is the opportunity to win the PA Lottery Daily Number in both the afternoon and again in the evening Yet in CT one would have to play twice to win either in the morning or in the afternoon.  I suspect that with even that small increase in the chances of winning from once a day to twice a day not only produce increase sales for the state  lottery – then why do schools not have enough books and supplies?  In the State of CT in 2012 the President and CEO of the CT Lottery indicated that not only did they celebrate multiple years of success but that they raised $7.2 billion dollars for programs such as education and public health again I ask why are teachers spending their own funds on supplies?

Is it possible that the forces that drive one to play lotto can have severe consequences? Absolutely, if this is indeed a game of chance then all attributes of chance become optional. There was a moment in time where if you were “chosen” the prize would be the life of your child. That’s right, in the book of Exodus in the Bible the writer tells of a story where God released a plague that would kill the first born of Egypt from the Pharaoh’s son to the first born of the cattle. It would appear that “luck” was not on the side of the Hebrews unless they envoked the power of the blood and brushed in on their front door, again what’s luck got to do with it?  Again I ask what is it to have “luck” and what is the driving force of luck just how does it work? In my summation “luck” would be a combination of everything about a person, their desire to seek great things without doing much work.


Good luck in all your endeavors or not.



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Is There a Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Recreation Use?

Medical marijuanaMedical marijuana has been legal in Maine for almost 20 years. But Farmington physician Jean Antonucci says she continues to feel unprepared when counseling sick patients about whether the drug could benefit them.

Will it help my glaucoma? Or my chronic pain? My chemotherapy’s making me nauseous, and nothing’s helped. Is cannabis the solution? Patients hope Antonucci, 62, can answer those questions. But she said she is still “completely in the dark.”

Antonucci doesn’t know whether marijuana is the right way to treat an ailment, what amount is an appropriate dose, or whether a patient should smoke it, eat it, rub it through an oil or vaporize it. Like most doctors, she was never trained to have these discussions. And, because the topic still is not usually covered in medical school, seasoned doctors, as well as younger ones, often consider themselves ill-equipped.

Even though she tries to keep up with the scientific literature, Antonucci said, “it’s very difficult to support patients but not know what you’re saying.”

As the number of states allowing medical marijuana grows — the total has reached 25 plus the District of Columbia — some are working to address this knowledge gap with physician training programs. States are beginning to require doctors to take continuing medical education courses that detail how marijuana interacts with the nervous system and other medications, as well as its side effects.

Though laws vary, they have common themes. They usually set up a process by which states establish marijuana dispensaries, where patients with qualifying medical conditions can obtain the drug. The conditions are specified on a state-approved list. And the role of doctors is often to certify that patients have one of those ailments. But many say that, without knowing cannabis’ health effects, even writing a certification makes them uncomfortable.

“We just don’t know what we don’t know. And that’s a concern,” said Wanda Filer, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a practicing doctor in Pennsylvania.

This medical uncertainty is complicated by confusion over how to navigate often contradictory laws. While states generally involve physicians in the process by which patients obtain marijuana, national drug policies have traditionally had a chilling effect on these conversations.

The Surgeon General warns against the use of Marijuana, on August 13, 1982 – 34 years ago. Today physicians are still confused about it’s use, the side effects and when, why and if prescribing this drug is beneficial to their patients. One would think the first question would be, (1) will the effects of the drug negatively impact the user; i.e. will the euphoric effects override the necessity of being able to remember to smoke the weed?
The Surgeon General of the Public Health Service has issued the following warning on marijuana:

Marijuana use is a major public health problem in the United States. In the past 20 years, its’ use has increased 30-fold; it is estimated that more than a quarter of the American population has used it. The age at which persons first use marijuana has decreased gradually to the junior high school years. Until recently, nearly 11% of high school seniors used it, and although that figure has declined to 7%, its daily use still exceeds that of alcohol; more high school seniors use marijuana than smoke cigarettes. In a recent study, 32% of those surveyed had used marijuana during the previous 30 days, while 25% had smoked tobacco.

On March 24, 1982, the Department of Health and Human Services submitted to Congress a report reviewing the consequences of marijuana use. Marijuana and Health, 1982, ninth in a series, is primarily based on two recently conducted, comprehensive, scientific reviews by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the Canadian Addiction Research Foundation, and the World Health Organization (WHO). Both independent reviews corroborate the Public Health Service’s findings of health hazards associated with marijuana use: Acute intoxication with marijuana interferes with many aspects of mental functioning and has serious, acute effects on perception and skilled performance, such as driving and other complex tasks involving judgement or fine motor skills.

Among the known or suspected chronic effects of marijuana are:

  1. Short-term memory impairment and slowness of learning.
  2. Impaired lung function similar to that found in cigarette smokers. Indications are that more serious effects, such as cancer and other lung disease, follow extended use.
  3. Decreased sperm count and sperm motility.
  4. Interference with ovulation and pre-natal development.
  5. Impaired immune response.
  6. Possible adverse effects on heart function.
  7. By-products of marijuana remaining in body fat for several weeks, with unknown consequences. The storage of these by-products increases the possiblilties for chronic, as well as residual, effects on performance, even after the acute reaction to the drug has worn off. Of special concern are the long-term developmental effects in children and adolescents, who are particularly vulnerable to the drug’s behavioral and psychological effects. The “amotivational syndrome,” characterized by a pattern of energy loss, diminished school performance, harmed parental relationships, and other behavorial disruptions, has been associated with prolonged marijuana use by young persons. Although more research is required, recent national surveys report that 40% of heavy users experience some or all of those symptoms.

The Public Health Service concludes that marijuana has a broad range of psychological and biological effects, many of which are dangerous and harmful to health, and it supports the major conclusion of the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine.

Read Kaiser’s full story here

Employment Opportunity – Charlotte, NC

Administrative Opportunities in Health Care – in the Charlotte, NC area, positions are filling up quickly!!! Please forward your resume today if you are interested to

  References: Perfect Interview Answers | Interview Success Formula. (n.d.). Retrieved August 05, 2016,

Source: Employment Opportunity – Charlotte, NC

Your 2016 Presidential Vote Counts

“Under GOP rules, Trump is the only one who can take himself out of the race. The only provision that exists for replacing a candidate nominated at the party convention is a candidate’s death or his refusal to run.

If that happened, the 168-member Republican National Committee, made up of members from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five territories, would vote on a new nominee, with the majority vote deciding.”

Definition:  Otherwisein circumstances different from those present or considered; or else:

Read more: Source  CT News Junkie

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