2016 Breast Cancer

Good morning my final thoughts as we come to a close on this year’s #October #Awareness of #BreastCancer #Survivors and those that unwillingly surrendered to the war. 

As I walked around the mall this morning in the quietness, I saw many stores. I coveted a lot of items, I hoped for funds to purchase items I didn’t need. I saw elderly folk walking and getting their exercise on. I thought to myself, gosh if only I could muster up the energy to have a desire to be healthier. 

I talked for a while with Christine Hubbard, the #MoreThanPink representative located in Concord Mills Mall, in Charlotte,  NC, about the folks in our lives that have breastcancer, survivors, those that lost the battle and those of us that have endured as a helpmate to others.

A tear came to my eye as I talked about my mom and the woman I met at Macy’s. Some of us walk around angry for the following short list of aggravations:

  • Nail broke before a date;
  • The  cashier was rude; 
  • The driver in front of us cut us off only to get off at the next exit;
  • My manager is a freakcase;
  • Why can’t teachers control my out-of-control child;
  • Why is the road closed on my way to work; 
  • Why are Tellers on lunch when the working world uses their lunch hour to do banking;

I now ask myself what would I be overly concerned about if my days were shortened, and could be extended if they whoever they are would not be so concerned with their constituent’s noise level if the cure was released…  

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