Day: February 13, 2018

  • Lucifer, Satan and the Devil

    I did a poll last year to find out if folk believed Satan, Lucifer and the Devil were the same entity.  Below is a screen shot of the folk that participated.  Lucifer and Satan are NOT the same they are two different spirits.  Why do you need to know –

  • #Ap #Rehap Coming to a Facility Near You

    As I read the article below the first thing I thought of was the need for deliverance or  a funded Rehabilitation for ap addiction.  Just like drugs and alcohol the  user is unable to stop picking up the phone in the morning and checking Social Media.  The student can’t refrain…

  • Black-Owned App Combines Love & Law To Change How People Get Married — Black America Web

    The days of going to Las Vegas for a shot-gun wedding or running to the court-house for a ceremony may be over with an app dedicated to getting people married virtually. Black News reports that WebWed Mobile had a mission to give marriage and marriage equality to people around the…