Month: September 2020

  • Digital #Mindfulness

    Digital #Mindfulness

    All of us are surrounded by digital devices, and many of us spend a good portion of our day using the internet on our smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Yet our digital wellbeing isn’t something we often think about. Digital technology can impact our health and relationships and shape the society…

  • Text Messaging Scam Involving #Mailed Packages

    Text Messaging Scam Involving #Mailed Packages

    A new text messaging scam involving mailed packages that allow fraudsters to gain access to personal information has been making the rounds across the country, federal officials warn. The Federal Trade Commission is among the agencies that have issued an alert after consumers made numerous complaints after receiving a text…

  • Remember September 11, 2001 #9/11

    Remember September 11, 2001 #9/11

    Where were you on this day?

  • #Wounded #Soul

    #Wounded #Soul

    Language is inadequate to reach a wounded soul, as only the touch of a loving God can heal an injury to the spirit.

  • I’m Trying

    I’m Trying

    With the world hitting me over the head at every turn, I’m trying my best to remain faithful.  How about you, how do you handle the cares of this world?

  • #USMC #tRump #loser #Veterans

    #USMC #tRump #loser #Veterans

    Trump was supposed to go to an event at the cemetery during the trip, but rain and fog were blamed for him not being able to helicopter to the site. The White House then determined he could not motorcade to the location — 50 miles outside of Paris — because…