The Story Of Carolyn Bryant, The White Woman Whose Lie Caused The Murder Of Emmett Till In 1955, Carolyn Bryant Donham claimed Emmett Till sexually harassed her, which led to the 14-year-old’s horrific lynching. More than 60 years later, she admitted to lying about the incident. On Aug. 28, 1955, a black 14-year-old named Emmett […]

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Slave owners used to put young black boys on the ground and use their bodies to keep their filthy feet warm and “clean.” They used to keep them at the bottom of their beds in the winter months so that their feet could keep warm. At times, the young black boys would play the role […]

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A true daughter of the confederacy has written what should be the last words on the monuments: By Caroline Randall Williams June 26, 2020 I have rape-colored skin. My light-brown-blackness is a living testament to the rules, the practices, the causes of the Old South. If there are those who want to remember the legacy […]

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