Not so long ago. Vertus Wellborn Hardiman (March 9, 1922 – June 1, 2007) became a victim of a US government human radiation experiment. At the age of 5 the experiment left him with a painful skull deformity that forced him to cover his head for 80 years. Hardiman was born in Lyles Station, Indiana. […]

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T’was a month before Christmas,And all through the town,People wore masks,That covered their frown.The frown had begunWay back in the Spring,When a global pandemicChanged everything.They called it corona,But unlike the beer,It didn’t bring good times,It didn’t bring cheer.Airplanes were grounded,Travel was banned.Borders were closedAcross air, sea, and land.As the world entered a lockdownTo flatten the […]

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