Month: October 2021

  • Facebook Has Lost Control

    No one is watching the barn at Facebook when they disable your account and can’t tell you why…

  • Breast cancer

    Shouting love, peace, joy, and good health to all of the women touched by breast cancer

  • Name That Show

    Name That Show

    “…Mr. Braxton Mr. Braxton the bear gotta pee, the bear gotta pee”

  • Name That Show

    Name That Show

    “…my math says 49% of humanity needs to die…”

  • The Insurrection

    The Insurrection

    Watch here…

  • Loss of a Child to My Friend…

    Loss of a Child to My Friend…

    Monica, I’m so saddened by the loss of Michael, if I could… I’d wipe your tears; If I was Almighty- because I’m human I’d bring him back; I would say it’s going to be alright Id say say “hold on” to God’s unchanging hand I’d say God knows best I’d…

  • Can You Spot The Difference

    A Bridgeport man has been charged in a fatal shooting.  Police arrested Robert Sorrells for the deadly shooting of Jonathan DaSilva.  The shooting happened Oct. 2 on Arctic and Pembroke streets.  Sorrells was taken into custody last night and faces murder and gun-related charges.  Officials say he is being held on…