With the current issues between Russia and Ukraine I thought it was a good idea to help folk understand NATO and it’s importance. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an alliance of 30 countries that border the North Atlantic Ocean.1 The Alliance includes the United States, most European Union members, the United Kingdom, Canada, […]

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I see a lot of posts about folk wanting world peace and praying for Ukraine. I’m most definitely NOT against praying but I’m also acutely aware that we WILL NEVER see world peace. We’ve NEVER seen it in the past and will not see it in the future according to my worldview and KJV. So […]

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This is a new segment to my blog. After reading various posts and talking to both substitutes and teachers about concernns in the classroom – I thought I would share my experience. I hold two Master Degrees – after leaving the world of healthcare I embarked on education. It was the best move I have […]

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This post will be updated periodically… Feel free to share your moments too. Loans – Why is it easier to get a student loan than a mortgage? Murder Trial – Kim Potter’s trial defense attorney said: ““If you send her to prison, you will harm her,” Engh said. “We are not in the business of […]

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