Month: November 2022

  • The Gorilla at Miami University

    Civic Engagement at MiamiUniversity reads: Through civic engagement, we recognize our mutual responsibility to care for each other in the college, in our communities, and on our planet. This responsibility may be accomplished through political activity, community service, engagement in leadership roles, advocacy or becoming informed about issues that relate…

  • Rape Victim’s Baby May Hold the Keys to the Cure for Cancer

    #Abortion – 13 Years Old – #Ohio #JeanSchmidt – State Representative Jean Schmidt is currently serving her first term as State Representative for the 65th #Ohio house district, which includes northwestern Clermont County, specifically parts of #Loveland and Milford, all of #Newtonsville and #Owensville and #Goshen, Miami, #Stonelick, Union and…

  • There’s Nothing Trump Supporters Won’t Do.

    They hate college students – They just what can be said at a funeral – They believe tRump is a Born-Again-Christian (read the comments)

  • Policing Our Students

    Policing Our Students

    Three arrests, and 24 calls to the police – California 7 years ago in South Carolina 4 years old referred to the police instead of principals in Illinois 6-year-old girl sits quietly in school as a book is read to her. Then suddenly, a police officer enters the room and…