Malcolm X shared Killmonger’s (Marvel Comics) concerns about black inequality, by the time he was killed, he had come to realize that allies for the cause of liberation and equality exist across racial lines. When did the governor of Florida become and education specialist – considering the book he wrote received some of the worst […]

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NRA vs. AFT What is wrong with oversight, oversight – seatbelts, smoking area, speed limit, Managed Care tells us what health care services they will and WILL NOT pay for based on the accumulated health issues of the organization, auto manufacturers tell us what gas to use on our new cars, we must have car […]

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What Kind Monster Is He? Sociopaths’ sexual traits are hard to fathom. The matrix of any normal romantic relationship is the physical expression of love. The thing is, in these situations, from their side of it, love’s got nothing to do with it. If you’ve been in it you’ve seen that people without a conscious […]

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What activities do you lose yourself in? Lately, I’m obsessing over watching the political news clips on #YouTube I’m no longer interested in watching the full hour, I just want to hear the main points. I am clearly – clear as mud! truths have been disclosed about Fox and #StopTheSteal – folk are still claiming […]

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