Washing Clothes – Listening For God

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I often hear folk ask, how do you know when God has answered your prayers, how do you know when God is talking to you? I think it’s different for everyone, I think He speaks to us in a manner/language that we can hear and most importantly in a language that we understand. I just wanted to share one moment in time when I thought He wasn’t listening…

1. Separate the loads, white, colored, and dark.

2. Put the load in the washer machine:

3. Add laundry detergent – (bleach if it is a white load and one other secret ingredient to make them super white) [Don’t add all the crazy stuff like febreeze/Downey pieces – those are just a marketing trick] – my mother NEVER used that {make your clothes smell good crap} dammit you’re washing them – that should make them smell clean and if it doesn’t change your laundry detergent) – moving right along.

4. Close the lid or door and WALK AWAY…

NOTE: If you have washed enough loads that little tiny voice will let you know when they are done! We never check to see if they are done – do we – NO WE KNOW WHEN THE CYCLE IS COMPLETE!

Note: If you don’t have that little tiny voice – you will know they are done when the machine stops!!

That’s how prayer works, give it to Him and He will let you know when it’s done. Don’t keep asking Him or adding other ingredients like checking with ALL YOUR FRIENDS – WATCHING 11 HUNDRED different pastors on TicTok and YouTube – just be still and wait – He will most assuredly let you know when the dirt you brought to Him has been cleaned….

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