I am a writer and journalist who loves to explore the world and find out what’s happening. I enjoy writing about politics, social issues, and anything else that catches my attention. I’m is always looking for ways to improve myself and my work, and I hope to help others achieve their goals and desires.

I am an African-American woman, and mother of one phenomenal daughter –   she is, has, and always will be the reason for my existence.  I love her more than words can say.  A lover of Christ and concerned about the “Human Condition.”  My life’s experience covers a gamut of good, bad, and sometimes intensely ugly.  Currently, writing a book on my life, titled, A Bus Ride to Freedom.  Freedom, what is it how can one attain it, measure it, feel it, and share it with others so that they may also reap the benefits?  My journey will be told through my book.

Please take a look at my first attempt at blogging here.

Personal #Quote:

“Upon descending our threaded words on the web by a steep and hazardous precipice of readers requires constant review.”



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    About | MsConcerned’s Manifesto
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    About | MsConcerned’s Manifesto
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      Thanks thwzgywrt

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    Informative Blog. Thank you for the share and support.

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      You’re welcome

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      Thank you

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