Aggravated Assumption

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There have always been self-help groups both online and within social media apps. There are both paid and free versions of self-help programs and subscriptions. Self-help groups allow people to feed their natural tendency to seek acceptance, comfort, and understanding in a safe setting. It stands to reason that one should be careful when opting for free self-help programs. We must be careful that not only are we acutely aware of our diagnosis but that we vet free online programs. As women, we can have a host of issues from mother/daughter, mother/father, boyfriend/girlfriend, straight/gay, and from those few suggestions there can be a plethora of sub-issues. When selecting a free online self-help program we must be completely informed of the history and training of said group’s ability to address our issues. With that said, as I was perusing the internet I stumbled across a post about the sexuality of a man by a woman who claims she is a self-love specialist. Some of the best self-help groups offer emotional support and practical help with a mental health challenge, experience, or concern shared by all the members. I may be a little late on this post considering Kevin Samuels has passed away…


Who is Tonyatko – according to her website she’s, “Bold, Courageous & Spiritually Aware, Tonya Tko is the wise & Beautiful Big Sister you’ve always wanted.” She further states, “Tonya Tko uplifts you to become the greatest version of yourself using divine wisdom, compassionate caring & beautiful enriching energy.” However, for over an hour she condemned Kevin Samuels as a hidden gay man. Kevin was intereviewed by VLAD and this is what he had to say.

Tonya states on her website that she has knowledge, wisdom, compassion and open-mindedness to help you create the life of your dreams. Tonya Tko is the embodiment of compassion, love and strength. She also shares about ending up living in her car. During her displacement, she stayed fully committed to actualizing her dream. The year of living in her car taught her to put into action the principles of Self-Love she had been teaching online for 8 years. Yet this love boat stated that ALL the women who called into Kevin Samuels show were women who lacked healthy male role models and his viewers were losers.

What we won’t do is mention all the typos on her home page because Lord knows I’ve had quite a few and not one person reading my blog made me aware of the mis-spellings – shhh don’t say anything she also has some computer language that should be removed but I digress. Not only am I annoyed that this bundle of love, joy and compassion for others could tear up a man’s reputation with her words and sexual moans and groans without having a conversation with him about his sexual preference but as someone who was homeless living in her car she has done nothing for the homeless population (notice her header below). Whether he is gay or not what gives her the right to put him out there and in the derogatory manner in which she did?

The menu from her page which does not include where someone can either read about her programs for homeless women or make donation to her the cause of her choice.