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    PTSD,ABUSE, SHAME, HURT, HUMILITY, GUILT, FORGIVENESS It all hurts, we have different ways of dealing with it, we use relationships, drugs, alcohol, work, food, religion… Don’t shame us for our pain…

  • When Mental Health Goes Unattended

    I applaud her!!!!!!! Good for her (horrible yes indeed) but to have the courage to admit she acted on what her thoughts suggested I applaud her. Listen white women have been killing their babies since forever. Black women have rejected taking care of their mental health since forever. They don’t…

  • Breast cancer

    Shouting love, peace, joy, and good health to all of the women touched by breast cancer

  • Covid – Have We Learned Anything

    Covid – Have We Learned Anything

    How Did It Start Coronaviruses are a big family of different viruses. Some of them cause the common cold in people. Others infect animals, including bats, camels, and cattle. But how did SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19, come into being? Here’s what we know about the virus that…

  • Suicide – When It Hurts To Much

    National Suicide Hot Line 800-273-8255 Veterans Crisis Line 800-273-8255 Understanding the issues concerning suicide and mental health is an important way to take part in suicide prevention, help others in crisis, and change the conversation around suicide.

  • Depressed or Stressed Out?

    Depressed or Stressed Out?

    Stress and depression can look and feel very similar to each other. Some of the common symptoms for both include issues with sleeping, eating, concentration, and mood, as well as difficulties performing daily tasks. Physically, there’s a lot of overlap between stress and depression, as both affect the immune system,…