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  • McCarthy Fired

    McCarthy Fired

    #McCarthy FIRED! Well I’ll be doggone – they voted the house speaker #McCarthy as if they could do a better job without him [While I’m at I want my hour and half of life back watching those 16 ridiculous votes for McCarthy]- between Congresswoman Lauren Boebert sex shoes at the…

  • Understanding The Presidential Debate

    Understanding The Presidential Debate

    “America has suffered because of slavery [America has NOT suffered because of slavery – folk came here not wanting to follow the rules and damn near made the Natives a memory]

  • Watch the Insurrection

    If you missed the original live televised #StopTheSteal watch it here .     Source:      

  • The Day The 1st Amendment Was Shot In The Back

    I am so sick and tired of folk screaming, “…we have freedom of speech…” sure you do. Let’s take a look, the 1st Amendment reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the…

  • Thousands of Dollars of Cocaine Washed Up On The Shores of Florida

    Waiting to hear from the GOP’s comments.. It’s going to sound like this, “…if Biden had not imposed restrictions on gun purchases demanding registration, DeSantis wouldn’t have used Floridians taxpayers funds to fly to TX get the (aliens) and bring them to FL , so they could exstablish residency, stash…

  • On This Day – 040423

    As I sit here watching @CNN waiting to hear the charges against the former president Donald Trump there are a few things #ImConcernedAbout: Are the charges only about the transfer of funds to Stormy; Will the children of the GOP jump out from #ConcreteJungle when the charges are read and…

  • H.R. 6056 – Parents Bill of Rights

    H.R. 6056 – Parents Bill of Rights