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  • Veteran’s Day 2023

    Veteran’s Day 2023

    VETERAN’S DAY HISTORY Veterans Day is a yearly holiday observed in the United States on November 11th. This day is dedicated to honoring and showing appreciation for the brave individuals who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces. It is an opportunity to express gratitude for their…

  • On This Day – 040423

    As I sit here watching @CNN waiting to hear the charges against the former president Donald Trump there are a few things #ImConcernedAbout: Are the charges only about the transfer of funds to Stormy; Will the children of the GOP jump out from #ConcreteJungle when the charges are read and…

  • Lovin’ What’s Lookin’ Back

    A woman asked me the other day if I knew a friend of hers she told me his name, I replied I don’t think so. I asked her to describe him – based on her description-honestly I kinda wish I did. She then showed me a picture- I said is…

  • Run Forest Run a #Sociopath is Following You

    Run Forest Run a #Sociopath is Following You

    Could you spot a sociopath? Sociopaths aren’t always the stereotypical “serial killer type” you might be thinking of. These individuals come in all shapes and sizes. Since sociopaths are experts at presenting themselves as everyday people, they can be very difficult to identify. That is unless you know what to…

  • Aggravated Assumption

    There have always been self-help groups both online and within social media apps. There are both paid and free versions of self-help programs and subscriptions. Self-help groups allow people to feed their natural tendency to seek acceptance, comfort, and understanding in a safe setting. It stands to reason that one…

  • Updates


    My sincerest apologies, I was unaware that my site was not updating properly, the edits and changes I saw were in the draft mode and were not properly showing up in the published version – I’ve got a lot of work to do….

  • How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket in Florida

    How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket in Florida

    #SpeedingTicket I clearly do not understand why #Cadillac would put 160 mph on the dashboard if going 95 mph is too fast. I wasn’t causing any harm there were no other cars in front of me, none to my right, and no one was behind me. There was however this…