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You might have heard the term “sociopathic” in reference to a character from a movie or book, maybe even a real person. The descriptor is actually linked to a mental health condition known as antisocial personality disorder.

One of the signature signs of a sociopath is a lack of empathy. People have the inability to acknowledge or identify with how another person may be feeling. You’ll hear yourself saying you can’t tell how much hurt me, who does that to someone for absolutely no reason – to which their only reply is “I’m sorry”. They almost sound genuine until you realize they still have provided an answer, Or they give you, (the – you’re so wonderful, it’s great being around you…). If you ask, then what’s wrong – at this point they have appeased you enough – they no longer want to engage and turn into the ice box; with phrases like, why are you calling me, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, then they whine, let’s talk tomorrow. You know that sound all too much – it makes your spine twist up – because you know that won’t happen. This includes showing little to no remorse for their actions—regardless of how harmful those actions may be to others – that’s when you want to absolutely bonkers – and you do, only to find out they secretly love the drama – so you give them more. They move on to the next one and they tell her :,,,she’s crazy” that’s to begin a trusting relationship.

On top of having no remorse or being indifferent to how they mistreated someone, sociopaths might also try to rationalize the way they behave.

Acting out impulsively without considering the consequences is another common behavior pattern linked to sociopaths. This is not to be confused with an occasional spur-of-the-moment decision, like changing your mind about where to eat lunch. Instead, a sociopath will impulsively act in their own self-interest—often harming themselves or others in the process.

Almost everyone tells a white lie occasionally. But sociopaths are pros at stretching the truth, especially when it benefits them.

Whether it be for fun or for personal profit, sociopaths might misrepresent the truth, repeatedly lie, use aliases, manipulate, or trick others for personal fun or profit. The manipulation and conning may be done through methods like lying, cheating, or stealing. Many times, manipulation is accomplished through superficial charm or charisma, as sociopaths are known to hide personality traits to appear likable.

Acts of aggression or violence—especially in the form of physical fights and assaults—are key aspects of sociopaths. One study found that higher aggression levels can start in children. This hostility might look like cruelty toward people or animals, spiteful behavior, irritability, and uncontrollable angry outbursts.

Routinely ignoring professional obligations or the rules within the organization and social commitments are examples of repeated irresponsible behavior commonly seen in sociopaths. They often have consistent patterns of skipping work, disregarding deadlines, cutting through parking lots and failing to pay bills.

Sociopaths gravitate toward rule-breaking, drug addiction, criminal activity, cheating, and stealing rather than following societal rules and norms.

While specific signs can vary a bit by person, Lack of Empathy and Remorse is in all of them. If you have identified any of these behaviors in the man/woman you are dating, RUN – because you are already in too deep, do not think you can change him/her – it may feel like it, and it feels good. You will tell him you love him, do all the right things, One day that one thing you hate he will give it to you right after he has his love burst. That’s where he will do everything you love, cherish and admire. Do you see it now, the music is rising to a crescendo and that’s when he begins his descent – I want to say, land the plane – but he’s superman and will get out of the pilot seat and throw that motherfucker back down the runway with you on the plane. He might come back later saying he thought you got off at the other gate, he’s so cute when he says it you – do what you do.

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