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It’s Friday morning, I’m tired but it’s the last day of the work week, think I’ll hit the snooze button 3 more times.  Oh no!!! I’m late…

I’m annoyed my husband forgot to get my suit out the cleaners – now what am I going to wear to the interview – I have to prepare something else – that’s going to make me late…

I hate driving 45 minutes to work on Monday – there so much traffic…

I’m a risk taker – I want to drive my Toyota Celica like a BMW 750 along the highway…

I need to get through all this traffic, what can I do?

  1. Don’t let anyone in on the highway;
  2. Jump lanes through traffic all the way to work on a 2 lane highway;
  3. Pump  my brakes because the idiot behind me is getting on my nerves;
  4. Speed up cut the other off from the 3 lane so I can get off the VERY next exit;
  5. Drive behind you at very close range in the dark with SUV so I can blind the driver in front of me, in hopes they will move out of MY way;
  6. Don’t use my signal light so I can take the lead because other drivers won’t know what my intent is;
  7. Blow my horn like a maniac because you’re in my way;
  8. Run that yellow light (by making a turn)  after it turns red and hold up the other drivers with a green light;
  9. If you’re in my blind spot – so what – that’s why it called a #BlindSpot ;
  10. I need to call my daughter and tell her to wait at school I’m running late – while I’m traveling at 55 mph on the highway;

On April 28, 2017 — A new survey found Connecticut among the worst drivers in the nation.  Insurance company, EverDrive, ranked the best and worst across the U.S. and found that Connecticut ranked number 49 out of 50.

On January 28, 2018 – Financial site WalletHub analyzed driving conditions in each of the 50 states to find out which states have the best and worst commutes. The site looked at a variety of factors like road conditions, average gas prices and share of rush-hour traffic congestion.  Connecticut did not fare well; according to this report, the state is the fifth worst for drivers.

At the end of the day we all want to go home safely…

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