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What job would you do for free?
What a great question!  My dad said to me, “…when you get up in the morning and you have to think twice about going to work – it’s time to quit.”
While in high school I thought about being a teacher; only because I was driven by (1) not working any weekends; (2) not working on any of the Federal Holidays; (3) not ever working overtime.  As you can see not one reason for opting to teach had anything to do with actually teaching or any emotions for the “love” of children learning – on that note I wasn’t interested in watching children grow.  Years later I found myself substituting and fell in love the very first day. The pay scale is a long way from my six-figure job in healthcare, but smiles, and watching a disruptive student become hungry for knowledge – this is a job I would do without pay.

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