What activities do you lose yourself in?

Lately, I’m obsessing over watching the political news clips on #YouTube I’m no longer interested in watching the full hour, I just want to hear the main points. I am clearly – clear as mud! truths have been disclosed about Fox and #StopTheSteal – folk are still claiming tRump run. Marjorie is incapable of doing ANY due diligence, and had no problem disseminating ridiculous information. MTG and Boebart actually called Twitter in to discuss their PRIVATE Twitter accounts. Matt Gaetz actually used a magazine as his source document. If Desantis thinks for 1 second that he won the fight with Mickey – he’s sadly mistaken, the other day he was pro-Black with education, just a few hours later he comparing #BLM protest to the mandate to stay inside – at this point what is the fight about – it will not bring our loved ones back that died from Covid. So yea I have submersed myself in YouTube Political Quick Shots of #WhatsHappening While You Were Sleeping. OOOhhhh I think that will be my next post title. Have a great day and a better one tomorrow.

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