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When did the governor of Florida become and education specialist – considering the book he wrote received some of the worst reviews, below are a few examples of the

Why on earth is Desantis still promoting CRT in K-12 when (1) it’s not taught and (2) they would not understand the meat of CRT, or is it FEAR?

Desantis tries to wipe out American History aimed at African Americans, Supreme Court Judges, LBGTQ, Privlege & Opression, Diversity & Ethics.he

What else you ask thats a good question. A bill concerning vouchers for private schools was a priority of Republican House Speaker Paul Renner, and it was expedited through the GOP-dominated state Legislature. On Monday, Renner said the new law will allow parents to send children to alternative schools where their values and faith are respected, referencing “some of the craziness that happens in our K-12 schools.”

Florida began its voucher program to help parents pay for private schools more than two decades ago under Republican Gov. Jeb Bush and has passed several laws to expand it over the next three Republican administrations. DeSantis two years ago signed a bill raising income levels to receive vouchers to 375% of the federal poverty level. DeSantis on Monday said 1.3 million children in Florida attend a school chosen by parents.

Students Rejected by DEI Speak Out

The first student – Mr. Darryl Boyer [an up-and-coming political activist from Palm Coast] law student who would like us to believe he was harrassed by members of the organization he participated in called Student Government because as he states they thought he was a Democrat. an up-and-coming political activist from Palm Coast. Boyer recently launched Perspective PAC, a political action committee aimed at increasing diversity within Republican politics.

The second student – Ms. Ali – an Engineer stedent – belives she was rejected by Diversity Equity & Inclusion because again her consertive believes, pardon me – she said, “…openly conservative…”. She tried to appeal as a Hispanic, first member of her family to attend college option


Famous for being one of the first tenured African-American professors at Harvard Law School, Derrick Bell was a popular civil rights activist in the 1970s. While he is best known for his activism at Harvard, Bell is also closely associated with the critical race theory (CRT). In fact, he is considered to be a pioneer in the field.

In 2020, Ron DeSantis dubbed the education govenor, it took him 3 years to poke the bear – determined to stop (no not the steal) but stop the delivery of the truth of the US history. He’s want to banish the idea of “Woke “HB7, commonly known as the Stop Woke Act, is a law that amends the Florida Civil Rights Act to make it unlawful for employers to host mandatory employee trainings that promote certain concepts related to discrimination, diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Woke really started around the early 1960s and ’70s with the Black Power movement and civil rights issues of the time. It wasn’t just called woke, it was called consciousness (the state of being WOKE).

Woke is a slang term that is easing into the mainstream from some varieties of a dialect called African American Vernacular English (sometimes called AAVE). In AAVE, awake is often rendered as woke, as in, “I was sleeping, but now I’m woke.

Work originally meant one had opened their eyes and minds to the injustice and hidden racism; presently has been reduced to a political slur, a weapon used by the less educated members of the .

When Diversity Inclusion Does Not Work

  1. When it’s mandatory. Mandatory diversity and inclusion training can net an immediate and negative response. When it’s mandatory, it can seem punitive, with a reaction of “someone did something wrong and now we all have to sit through this.” If training is required in response to a problem you may already be behind the eight-ball where employee opinion is concerned. The majority of people don’t see themselves as biased and immediately become vehemently defensive if they’re accused of being so. Similarly, when it’s clearly being offered as a response to an incident, attendees can become extremely defensive. Some may even cling more strongly to their biases. Research has overwhelmingly shown negative messaging in D&I training not only doesn’t help, but it may also set inclusion efforts back. Social scientists have also found, over a number of years, that people naturally tend to rebel against enforced rules.
  2. When it’s too focused on the law. Another mistake businesses make when implementing D&I programs is focusing on a legal viewpoint as opposed to an empathetic and ethical viewpoint. When employees perceive the training as an attempt to stay compliant and simply check off a box, they will usually be more resistant to the teachings. If a business is not genuine in its reasons for offering the training, it will be harder for employees to genuinely absorb the information.
  3. When it’s offered to (or required for) a limited group. Dobbins’ research suggests that when training is only offered to one group in the office, it’s much less effective. Training only your management team may seem like a good (and cost-efficient) idea, but employees don’t like being left out. Furthermore, discrimination and biases don’t solely occur at a managerial level. To be effective with training, it should be accessible and encouraged for all

When Diversity Inclusion Works

At its best, diversity and inclusion training builds comfort with a wider range of perspectives and opinions. It helps employees shape more rewarding relationships with peers, colleagues, and customers. Allowing yourself to be challenged and inspired by the ideas and perspectives of others makes for a more impactful day. We live in a global society, why not benefit as much as you can from all it has to offer?


Words are created from a particular cultural context, one can keep using the word, but whatever your political position that’s attached to the idea of “woke” [1] are you able to sufficiently articulate whatever your political stances are? [2] Can you demonstrate that you have some understanding? [3] because you can’t just put anything out there without actually providing some simblance that you understand deductive and inductive reasoning to be able to articulate and prove your point.

No matter what your color, ethnicity, educational level, He can and will open doors for which you are not qualified, if it’s His will!

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