Novel financing plan infuses $11.2 million to treat drug-addicted Connecticut parents

As a concerned citizen I’m #Concerned to know if the money allocated for this project could have been better spent on providing mental health and rehabilitation services to prison inmates upon release.  Think on this: No matter how much money a community spends on providing rehabilitation services for either individuals or families as a unit – it is ultimately up to the individual to want to make a change in their lives and then seek help.

Drug Violation Arrests in Connecticut, 2001-2005I’m #Concerned if there was a ratio analysis conducted on the number of individuals that have had repeat rehabilitation services is equivalent to the number of repeat offenders (i.e. recidivism).

Note:  Rehabilitation after incarceration works,  see the lives of Mayor Ganim of Bridgeport, CT and Governor Rowland of New Haven, CT.

Secondly with $11.2 allocated of philanthropic means why was an established program in Stamford Connecticut (and other surrounding areas, Greenwich, Norwalk and Bridgeport) known as The Liberation House not provided one red cent in grant money.  This may be apples and oranges, but nonetheless this program has always assisted both individuals and families in spite of the local medical and mental health services that should have been provided by Optimus were being rejected because of the inability to manage the influx of clients (someone who is currently receiving services).  Optimus would deny care if the individual was referred from Liberation House.

PFS is “helping to set a new bar for solving the nation’s complex challenges,” said Rafael López, commissioner for the U.S. Administration on Children, Youth and Families, on Wednesday

MIDDLETOWN –  With a fresh infusion of $11.2 million in philanthropic and private capital via a new financing framework, Family Based Recovery Services can reach up to 500 Connecticut families over a five-year-period.


Novel financing plan infuses $11.2 million to treat drug-addicted Connecticut parents

National Substance Abuse Index

New York Times Ganim

New York Times Govenor Rowland

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