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Angela Davis - Are Prisons Obsolete
Angela Davis – Are Prisons Obsolete


  • Adult correctional systems supervised an estimated 6,851,000 persons at yearend 2014, about 52,200 fewer offenders than at yearend 2013.
  • About 1 in 36 adults (or 2.8% of adults in the United States) was under some form of correctional supervision at yearend 2014

Why is this so important today, because when one woman can not find services for one inmate soon to be released from prison, the thought of a revolving door begins to frame her thoughts as the horrid smell of fear invades not only her mind but those of the inmate’s family.  Incarceration is not only to ensure the safety of #JoePublic but it divides the individuals of the families associated with the inmate, it has never been a deterrent to crime or the facilitator of “changed behavior” considering there are only 2 options; (1) go to jail; or (2) go to jail and be locked up within the facility for 23 hours a day.

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics
Source: “Are Prisons Obsolete”, Angela Davis



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