#GunControl – The Real Story

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Fallacy – a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument

Gun Control – is an illusion the moment it is thought of.  Having the ability to control guns is a fallacy delivered to the residents of the United States by law makers and lobbyist to appease those for it and those against it.  The deception of gun control that has caused families harmed at the hand of a gun man to actually think a loved one’s death was not in vain if measures are taken.  It is an illusion meticulously crafted by the tempter.  Gun control like a paradox – in Hamlet – I must be cruel to be kind.  Gun ControlInterestingly the bias for gun control is based solely on the group’s interest at the moment – a tragedy occurs.  The attempt to control guns by congress and other DC based groups is the most deceitful casuistry and subterfuge of the 21st century in front of American citizens who are looking for answers albeit in the wrong place.  We won’t find solace and comfort for our loved ones who have been shot at the hands of a random gunman.  Congress and other on the [Hill] have no experience in helping those in pain.  For this type of pain we must look to a force that is greater than congress, picket signs and petitions.  We must look to Alpha and Omega, may you find Him now.

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  1. Amanda Avatar

    What do you suggest other than gun control ?

    1. MsConcerned Avatar

      Well let’s look at history – The earliest known United States shooting to happen on school property was the Pontiac’s Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764, then November 2, 1853 Louisville, KY, June 8, 1867 New York City, December 22, 1868, March 6, 1884 Boston, Massachusetts and the lists goes on. Conversely the first type of gun control legislation was passed on June 26, 1934. The National Firearms Act (NFA) — part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal for Crime“— was meant to curtail “gangland crimes of that era such as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Yet since then there have been:

      1992–1993 (44 Homicides and 55 Deaths resulting from school shootings in the U.S.)
      1993–1994 (42 Homicides and 51 Deaths resulting from school shootings in the U.S.)
      1994–1995 (17 Homicides and 20 Deaths resulting from school shootings in the U.S.)
      1995–1996 (29 Homicides and 35 Deaths resulting from school shootings in the U.S.)
      1996–1997 (23 Homicides and 25 Deaths resulting from school shootings in the U.S.)
      1997–1998 (35 Homicides and 40 Deaths resulting from school shootings in the U.S.)
      1998–1999 (25 Homicides from school shootings in the U.S.)
      1999–2000 (25 Homicides from school shootings in the U.S.)

      Not to mention the deaths at schools between 2001 and today. What has any of the legislation provided done to keep our children and adults safe? Nothing, more shootings at school and on the streets occurring everyday in a city/town and or rural areal near you and me. Bottom line is there is a group of folk that will maintain arms at home because they can whether legally or illegally and there is very little we can do when an individual or group puts their plan into action. There is not one law on the books that has not been broken, laws prevent folk who follow the law from breaking it – there are folk who regardless of the law will break it.

      Secondly mental illness and/or pain (much like that of the trauma in the E.R.) when it goes unnoticed, unrecognized and/or ignored the propensity for additional gun fire and laws broken increases.

      What we can do is #Ban together each of us in our own families and begin to form significant bonds where we are no longer afraid to address issues within our homes and come together as a community and watch out for each other. Unfortunately that is is not a reality in this day and time we are so very selfish and unwilling to associate with those of a lesser kind – we have self elevated ourselves out of reach with those that really need us…

      You see nothing has changed since Cain and Able but what can change is that we become our brother’s keeper. What can we do – pray – and trust that He has and always will keep His hand on our friends and our families and come to accept that when tragedy happens (and it just may) that – that too is part of His plan in hopes that it will bind us together and look after one another.

      Just my thoughts…

      1. Amanda Avatar

        So correct me if I’m wrong, you’re suggesting that, instead of working on gun control, we ban guns and pray?

        Do you realize how impossible it would be to confiscate all guns?
        Do you really not realize that the only people left with guns would be criminals and the armed forces?

        I just don’t think you’ve thought this through very well. Banning guns, that’s the sickest and craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

        1. MsConcerned Avatar

          I never said anything about banning guns.

          1. Amanda Avatar

            So then ignore gun control & pray? That’s it?