It’s Not About The Hair

Tabitha Bartoe worked at WATE, an ABC station in Knoxville.

Ultimately, Bartoe said the station’s news manager told her, “Your style isn’t aligning with the company and the company policy, so your time is done here,” according to the Sentinel. She was fired within 90 days of beginning her job, she said.

Imani Jackson spent 45 minutes every day putting a cap over her naturally curly hair and gluing a wig with straight hair in its place, according to federal court documents.

One day, she stopped. Instead of the wig, Jackson — who is Black — began wearing her natural hair in a “neat bun,” attorneys said. Within a month, she was fired. Now the federal agency tasked with safeguarding and enforcing anti-discrimination laws in the workplace is, saying the action was racially motivated.

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