Lovin’ What’s Lookin’ Back

A woman asked me the other day if I knew a friend of hers she told me his name, I replied I don’t think so. I asked her to describe him – based on her description-honestly I kinda wish I did. She then showed me a picture- I said is he married- she laughed and said no. I said damn why not, she described him to me. Ohhhh my nope don’t know him, never met him, and you keep your friends away from me…if you ever come across a gentleman who looks like that gentleman – WITH NONE OF THOSE BEHAVIORS, keep him too, and I’ve been the kind of woman- I friend to the end. Friendship- two ways – if not – get out of my way – I belong to a group- of women who have been give the precious gift of saving another woman’s life, change her trajectory and/or get her up off the couch! enjoy your day – cause I’m loving mine…THAT MIRROR

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