MsConcerned – The Bus Ride of One Woman’s Journey

Welcome to the Bus Depot, grab some java or something soothing, (you already have a good book if you’re here) sit back and relax as we all take a ride on “The Bus Ride of One Woman’s Journey” written by MsConcerned. As she navigates this thing called “life” I implore you to read minus assumptions and judgment.  Only do this if you really want to not only enjoy the ride but understand the ride.

Bus Rules:  If you are to judge and point the finger and share information you read to cause harm, I caution you to be careful, the Conductor, yes this bus has a Conductor and He not only takes your ticket but He as already analysed your journey – hence the reason you now find yourself on this bus.

I don’t know who this bus ride is for but I know that it is full of loving and angry people, hurt and abused people, there are rapists healers on this bus as well as destroyers and helpers. At various stops along the way, you find many stories of pain, healing, grace and rejection.   It will be interesting to see if you can name the different folk on the bus as it may not be so apparent at first glance.

Bus Riders and Visitor’s Please Take Notice

Visitors please be mindful of the other bus riders as they are here for their own individual journey and to you bus riders please be mindful of the visitors as they were directed to get on the bus.  You see the Conductor may ask you a question about one of your experiences on the bus.