NBA Tells North Carolina, Changes to LGBT Law HB2 Aren’t Enough – NBC News

nba Twyman-Stokes-Award-trophy.-Photo-via-NBA-comThe NBA, seeking to exert more influence in North Carolina’s LGBT debate, told state lawmakers that revisions to its controversial anti-discrimination

Source: NBA Tells North Carolina Changes to LGBT Law HB2 Aren’t Enough – NBC News


The development of values such as sportsmanship, fair play, and honesty through physical activity has been a major objective of physical educators and coaches for many years. Unfortunately, little evidence exists to support a positive relationship between sports participation and values development. Literature reviews completed in this area reveal a negative correlation between the length of one’s involvement in sport and the generation of sportsmanlike values (Coakley, 1982; Kroll, 1975; Stevenson, 1975). It has also been determined that nonathletes are more sportsmanlike than their athletic peers (Allison, 1981; Bovyer, 1968; Kistler, 1957; Lakie, 1964; Richardson, 1962).
On the basis of these findings, it is clear that if physical activity is to contribute to values development, then strategies that employ moral reasoning beyond social convention must be used. In response to this need, a number of intervention techniques have been designed and implemented in a variety of sports settings. Horrocks (1977, 1979, 1980) has applied the concepts of Kohlberg’s
moral reasoning to physical activity. Through the use of intervention and superordinate goals, Horrocks was able to find a positive correlation between socially accepted play patterns and moral reasoning. Weiss, Bredemeier, Shields, and Shewchuk (1984) and Romance (1984) have identified improvements in cognitive-
developmental levels through interventions using either moral development or social learning strategies.

Apparently, the #NBA does not subscribe to the moral reasoning associated with sportsmanlike behavior by using monetary values to drive the decision making of the residents of Charlotte, NC.

It’s my ball you can’t play and I’m taking it home….


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