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As I sit here watching @CNN waiting to hear the charges against the former president Donald Trump there are a few things #ImConcernedAbout:

  1. Are the charges only about the transfer of funds to Stormy;
  2. Will the children of the GOP jump out from #ConcreteJungle when the charges are read and start their circus – insurrection.2;
  3. I noticed Margarie and Kevin have been missing in action for what seems like the same amount of time – I mean we all know his wife filed for divorce after he said , “…I love you and I always will..” after we were held hostage watching the 15 rounds of voting – while with each vote he sold a piece of the Senate and House to the highest bidder:
  4. Another thing, Desantis, Marjorie, Boebart, and Gaetz – have either the worst staff OR they are deliberately working hard at making them look, appear and sound unintelligent. (A) the first time I heard about Desantis going after Disney – I thought to myself, nooo not Micke -3 minutes of searching – I thought, no no no he may not want to pursue Mickey Floridians will be awfully angry when they find out they will be responsible for those taxes. I ask myself was he power tripping, refusing to listen to his staff who had performed due diligence and informed him about the taxes and exorbitant cost to Floridians if there was a fire on the FAR END of Disney.


  1. DeSantis has allowed anyone who can walk into a gun shop with an identification card and purchase a gun. Florida also has that protective law known as “Stand your ground” which applies in situations in which a person has a clear reason to believe he or she is about to be the victim of serious violence.
  2. House of Representatives want to expel Justin
Map of School Shootings By State
 School Shootings By State