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Based on what you gentlemen #trackstarz stated, my first thought is the “Pastors” did not address the open marriage topic from a Biblical standpoint because who would watch a show that actually taught one how to live according to Jesus Christ and delivered the message via Paul’s writings and other disciples.

  • Stealing vs. Bootleg movies – compromise should be right up there with cursing the Holy Spirit.  Yes folks can be afraid when, “their treasure is attached to something other than God”.
  • Listen folks, TV shows now use every curse word – seriously the Word should be delivered uncut and in it’s entirety.
  • Any GROUP that has a purpose and can solidify their standpoint with numbers can make change – not only the – maybe if Christians would all come together we see some significant change!
  • Living together is CLEARLY DEFINED #DoYouReadYourBibles People who don’t want to do right or want to do as they please will NOT look for the truth!
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