Rape Victim’s Baby May Hold the Keys to the Cure for Cancer

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#Abortion – 13 Years Old – #Ohio

#JeanSchmidt – State Representative Jean Schmidt is currently serving her first term as State Representative for the 65th #Ohio house district, which includes northwestern Clermont County, specifically parts of #Loveland and Milford, all of #Newtonsville and #Owensville and #Goshen, Miami, #Stonelick, Union and Wayne townships.

She said pregnancy from rape is actually a chance for a woman to raise a child, send them to live with a family member or put them up for adoption. That hypothetical child, she argued, could someday cure cancer. “Rape is a difficult issue and it emotionally scars the individual, all or in part, for the rest of their life ― just as child abuse does. But if a baby is created, it is a human life and whether that mother ends that pregnancy or not the scars will not go away period,” said Schmidt.

“It is a shame that it happens, but there’s an opportunity for that woman – no matter how young or old she is ― to make a determination about what she’s going to do to help that life be a productive human being. … That child can grow up and be something magnificent,

I wonder what hallway of hell she came from let’s look at a few scenarios:

1. An 13-year-old can’t vote, drive, serve in the armed forces, buy liquor or a gun they can’t understand the long-term risks and consequences of making adult-size decisions for another life – they freak out when the wifi isn’t working.

2. She comes from a wealthy family whose income is NOT below the poverty guidelines she’s not eligible for Medicaid – so her parents are financially responsible for the medical/dental/ and mental health care of the infant;

3. She is raped by her father – now the mother is impacted exponentially just like her baby girl who is forced to carry her father’s child from a rape;

4. Jean actually thinks other family members are willing adopt the rapist’s baby – now the little girl has a walking breathing reminder of the physical and mental torture she endured perhaps endured OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again because it was Uncle Charles who visited ever other week to babysit for mom dad on date night;

5.In Maryland if the woman decides to give up the baby conceived by rape – she needs to get permission from the #rapist to put the baby up for adoption:

6. The rapist goes to jail, serves his time, get’s out and now he wants either visitation or co-parenting rights!

Men whose brothers or fathers have been convicted of a sex offense are “five times more likely to commit sex crimes than the average male” and that this increased risk of committing rape or molesting a child “may run in a family’s male genes.” A study, published online in the International Journal of Epidemiology, analyzed data from 21,566 male sex offenders convicted in Sweden between 1973 and 2009 and concluded that genetics may account for roughly 40% of the likelihood of committing a sex crime.

Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them.

I can’t stop asking myself what personal experience has Jean Schmidt NOT healed from that would cause her to have such hellish beliefs about a little girl being raped.