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What is a Resume?

A resume (or “CV” outside of the US) is a formal document that provides an overview of your professional qualifications, including your relevant work experience, skills, education, and notable accomplishments. Usually paired with a cover letter, a resume helps you demonstrate your abilities and convince employers you’re qualified and hireable. If you’re applying for a job, you need at least a resume to be considered for the position.

On a base level, a resume is made up of the following five parts:

Contact details
Educational background
Work history
Relevant skills

Requirements to Become a Representative

In my search regarding the requirements to become a representative one requirement stood out, one must have personal skills to get folks to vote – I wonder who Santos talked to considering not one person knew he was not Jewish.

The final step to becoming a congressperson is launching your campaign. You will find your interpersonal skills especially useful during this stage, as they will enable you to build rapport with potential voters. Communication skills will also enable you to push your platform, promote your advocacy and forge stronger connections with your constituents

Connections and relationships are key to running a successful campaign. According to Business Insider, this factor is causing many hopeful millennials to lose congressional races. In a blog post by hopeful House Member Erin Schrode, a 24-year-old activist from Northern California who hoped to be the youngest woman elected to the House, told readers a man told her after voting he would have voted for her instead of the incumbent–had he known who she was. Name recognition is an essential component of a successful campaign.


George Santos is already in the database as a representative, however, if you click [Read biography] see the next image – there is nothing posted, unlike other members…

This is what the biography of a Jewish representative looks like…

This is the biography of a Jewish Democratic Senator, who is truthfuland , concerned about his constituents and his office is responsive to homeless veterans in Connecticut, other members should mirror his behavior!

List of Untruths

It appears some folk are alarmed that George Santos lied on his resume if you will the lies so far are:

  • Graduating from Baruch College Santos claims that in 2010 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics
  • Having Jewish grandparents This lie feels especially egregious. Santos says his grandparents survived the Holocaust as Ukrainian Jewish refugees from Belgium.
  • Losing employees in the Pulse nightclub shooting During an interview with WNYC while campaigning, Santos said “people that work for me” were impacted during the Pulse nightclub shooting;
  • Running an animal charity Friends of Pets is a charity that Santos claims he founded from 2013;
  • Santos has said he worked at the company as an associate asset manager within Citigroup’s real estate division.
  • Owning rental property Further playing into his purported real estate expertise, Santos claimed, as a landlord, he was hurt by Covid-19 related eviction protections;
  • The Devolder Organization Santos says Devolder is his “family’s firm” that managed $80 million in assets and described it as a capital introduction consulting company.
  • What’s most noteworthy about the Devolder story is the fact that Santos appears to have not provided any information about the company’s clients that would have contributed to his payout—a violation of federal law to disclose any compensation in excess of $5,000 from a single source.
  • And in an even shadier turn of events: Talking Points Memo found that Santos has filed documents to have Devolder reinstated. Why? That could be the million-dollar question.
  • Bonus-not-exactly-a-lie: Knowing about an alleged Ponzi scheme Santos actually worked as regional director of Harby City Capital, a Florida-based investment company that attracted investors through YouTube videos and guarantees of double-digit returns.

What I find interesting is the republican members of the United States Congress were more interested in gaining one more seat than rejecting a liar running to represent George Santos stated. The GOP DID NOTHING, why should they – We The People could care less, how long did it take journalists to start calling Trump on his lies and ignorance, we watched a football player make a complete (no) we watched Black Leaders let an uninformed unqualified football player make a fool of himself running for office and his talking points were about vampires and goblins.

Lies/Bad Behavior

Why should anyone in Congress or We The People be concerned about the lies, the past president of the United States Donald Trump told approximately 7,643 lies each year he was in office. We The People have allowed a woman of Christain/Christain Nationalist Marjorie Taylor Greene (Queen of I Don’t Recall) harassing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside the House chamber like a 16-year-old jealous little girl on her abortion policies however Marjorie has no issue with adultery and if you ask her a question she immediately becomes childlike, fearful of authority and unable to take ownership of her behavior just like her president Trump.

Just like his leader, Santos will do anything for a dollar not only is the liar accepted into Congress he asks the American People to pay from $100 – $500 to have the privilege of attending his swearing-in ceremony.


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