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Seed Money_001 Hmmm, I was listening to a pastor on television a few hours ago and I thought to myself, “I’m kinda [sick and tired] of hearing, I need to send a certain dollar amount because someone I never met on television has heard a word from the Lord, on my behalf.”  Seriously, if that’s the understanding of the Word the televangelist wants me to believe then why isn’t God giving them all the same message for me!  Sounds a little more like hocus pocus than words of the Holy Spirit.  Much like a “chain letter” if you do this – then that will happen, and if you don’t  something else on the  negative side of the scale will occur.  So my question is if Jesus came that I might have life and more abundantly – John 10:10 King James Version how will my “sowing of a seed” line up with this scripture?

What does God desire of us? David said “…truth…” in Psalms 51:6 .  Yet Luke told us that having a good heart and  hearing the Word would bring forth fruit and patience, Luke 8:15, if that’s true then why am I directed to sow a seed of $500 and if I don’t have the $500 I can send whatever I have towards it – exactly what the Pastor on television spoke this evening. If this is the way it works if I sow a million dollars – will I get ALL of my needs and desires met?  If that’s true then poor people will never get what they need, want or desire, or will they just get a “lil” bit.

money train2 Are they implying that for $35.99 I can buy 2 weeks worth of salvation and for an extra $1000 I can be delivered from 3 sins, when will the money train stop?  Paul wrote, “…do not be deceived God is not mocked, Galatians 6:7  whatever I sow,  I will reap – If I’m sowing a seed for a new house – is that Greed, a seed for my health – have I not prayed, seed for my children’s health – have I lost faith, seed for a new job – am I looking for employment in my calling, if I sow that seed have I lost touch with the phrase – “from who all blessing flow”?  Iin other words am I sowing  from Envy or Covetousness – I want a house the size of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Greed sowing a seed for an increase in finances (has the not Lord provided for me)?  Lust, come on ladies sow that seed to get that other woman’s husband.  Gluttony, I’m going to sow a seed every time someone asks for a four firgure seed.  Again, according to David, (Note: Are you aware that David did not write all the Psalms?)  if I delight myself in the Lord according to Psalm 37:4, He will give me the desires of my heart.  With that said I must make sure I have a clean heart – hmm but I can’t do that either according to the Psalmist, God must create in me a clean heart. Psalm:51:10.

Sounds more and more to me that I must either believe that  He died for my sins, have faith that God is on my side when it looks like life has thrown me a curve, trust that the Lord will provide all my needs, ask Him to clean my heart and renew a right spirit within me, and about 365 times the Word tells me, “I must fear not”.