Should #Prisoners Be Allowed To Vote?

If the rule is: If you know right from wrong, you go to jail. If you don’t,  you go to a mental institution.

If that be true: Prisoners have chosen to do wrong

Why is the government giving some prisoners the vote, in the UK this option was reviewed. 

Having initially said prisoners serving up to four years would get the vote, ministers now plan to give the vote to only those prisoners sentenced to serve a year or less. However, they are aware this policy will be tested in the courts and they might lose again.

Why only up to 4 years? Let’s suppose this was the USA, I don’t know but are the Electoral votes comprised of all residents? 

Prisoners are counted at the location of the prison. However, I would suspect they are released to their hometown.

What are your thoughts. 


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5 thoughts on “Should #Prisoners Be Allowed To Vote?

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  2. Exactly, they are not permitted to vote for reasons that are not logical. What I don’t know is if they are still counted in the state they are from in the Electoral Voting stats. If they are – they most assuredly should be allowed to vote.

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    G’Tyme Kimbro No, not as long as they make up 70-80% of the prison population. Prison is design to keep in Control former slaves, not empower them…
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    Wendy Williamson Wouldn’t the right to vote give them a sense of at least being counted at a “human” being?
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    Marcia Leavy If they are not permitted to vote, then they should not be counted in the population tally. If they are counted in the population, it should be from the state in which they lived before their arrest and not the state in which they have been incarcerated.
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    Wendy Williamson Exactly, they are not permitted to vote for reasons that are not logical. What I don’t know is if they are still counted in the state they are from in the Electoral Voting stats. If they are – they most assuredly should be allowed to vote.
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