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  • Meanwhile back at the ranch

    Meanwhile, as we fight for murder, fight to stop murder, politicians are breaking the law, Black folk getting killed for abiding by the law and white women are kneeling against the law, this is happening. https://www.facebook.com/101488072350892/videos/3268889803349098

  • Pain + Pain = Addiction

    Keep them in prayer not in the gossip closet!

  • Addiction in Perilous Times

    Addiction in Perilous Times

    I’ve seen so many posts on various sites lately that identify either a person or a scenario as “crackhead”.  For those of you that don’t know that term was coined by the [war on drugs].  A post implied that the use of the term popularized during the “crack-era” War on…

  • #MentalHealth and #Alcohol

    #MentalHealth and #Alcohol

    Jake has been an ambassador for change at VA

  • #Cellphone #Addiction

    But smartphones can also foster anxiety and undermine performance. Even hearing one ring or vibrate, produces a welter of distractions that makes it harder to concentrate on a difficult problem or job. The division of attention impedes reasoning and performance. One study found that when a person isn’t able to…

  • A Definitive Look at Winning the Lotto – A Matter of Life or Death

    A dollar and a dream, that all it takes to be a winner at Lotto a game of chance where everyone wants to be a winner. With phrases like, “You Gotta be in to Win it” and “All it Takes Is a Dollar and a Dream” seem to echo in…