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  • We’ve been relying on one another’s expertise

    Wiretapping, Healthcare, Lies, Journalism, talk, talk and more talk.  The radio, TV, Sirius XM, Twitter and Facebook are all alive and jumping from one Trump story to the next.  Between his Tweets and Fact Finding reality TV has become a thing of the past.  The question that is overwhelmingly  at…

  • When Journalism Goes Awry, Over and Over Again

    When Journalism Goes Awry, Over and Over Again

    Why does the media continue to post and repeat the Tweets of #Trump? Is it really to inform the public, surely they know we can read it for ourselves. Police are taught that once you fire your pistol there is no taking back the bullet.

  • Good Night Gwen…

    Gwen covered eight presidential campaigns, moderated two vice-presidential debates and served for 17 years on the NewsHour and as moderator and managing editor of “Washington Week.” In her early career, she covered politics and city hall for some of the country’s most prominent newspapers, including the New York Times, the…

  • MTV – Misleading Story Line

    @MTVNews Misleading story line for the curious minds about the  Illuminati.  https://t.co/njJuV6MXps Watch what happens next