Overcoming Adversity and Success


Political conventions are sometimes the launching point or a testing ground for politicians seeking higher office. But Malloy’s nearly 10-minute speech was not during prime time and his message to delegates didn’t stray too far from the list of the most progressive things Connecticut has done over the past few years.


Malloy highlighted Connecticut’s paid sick leave law, its support of a $10.10 minimum wage, its universal background checks for gun purchases, and it’s decision to get rid of mandatory minimum laws for nonviolent drug offenses.

Govenor Malloy (CT) opened with his personal story about how he overcame mental and physical abilities, to be successful in college and law school.

On Monday, Malloy told the DNC that his story is an American story.

“Every child — every American — deserves the opportunity to succeed,” Malloy said. “That’s what we stand for as Democratic governors.”


Of course I like the $10.10 minimum wage increase, but I must say I am delighted to see that #GovenorMalloy disclosed his battle with mental and physical abilities and still went on to achieve great things.  Too often we shun folks that have mental and physical abilities as if they have zero abilities to overcome adversity and change their trajectory.  Our children have been short changed, locked up for lengthy prison sentences, ignored in the learning institutions, battered/abused and left on the side of the road for far to long!!!  If I could, I would go into the classroom and try my hardest to instill a sense of purpose, foster growth and a desire to learn…

Kudos to Governor Malloy!

Article excerpt from CT New Junkie