The Bus

Who on earth could I turn to…NO ONE, it would only take the strength of something greater than me.  Not my mother, not my father, sister or brother, not my friends.  When my walls came tumbling down and defeat was whispering in my ear, who knew  it would be a   “Bus Driver” that could reach down into the depths of my soul and say I love you, my child, we can do this – I have prepared a way for you to get on the Bus of freedom  allow me to drive you to your destination where your mind, soul and spirit will be set free…

Welcome to the Bus Depot as you know a depot is a place where folks wait for a bus, sometimes a train or cab and nowadays Uber or  share short stories with other riders as they wait, some watch and listen to the other passengers.  Some passengers will have absolutely no interaction with those already riding or those waiting for the Bus.  Do you ever notice that with all the passengers that enter and exit the bus very few ever have a conversation with the Bus Driver?  Sure, they may greet Him when they enter, they may say a few words like “thank you” and “have a good day” when they exit. Some folk get a seat right behind the Driver or just to the right of the Driver may have additional conversations with the Driver, have you ever heard someone say “see ya later or have a nice day to the Bus Driver when they exit from the rear of the bus or spark up a conversation from the middle of the bus. 

Then there are riders that take every moment as an opportunity to get a glimpse of the Bus Driver only when something has gone awry, they look to the Bus Driver for leadership and/or guidance. Sometimes the Bus Driver will intervene and sometimes He will patiently wait until the next stop and request that the passengers settle down or remove themselves from the Bus. Rarely have I heard of an instance when the Bus Driver needed help maneuvering or driving the Bus from one destination to the another, have you? 

Grab some java in a spill proof mug or something soothing, you already have the start of a good book to read as you travel with me,  sit back and relax as we take a ride of One Woman’s Journey to Freedom.   If you are reading this book you too are now a passenger look for your seat (I’m sure there’s one here just for you)  and ride along with the other passengers to freedom of your mind body and soul.

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