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Since its passage, North Carolina has been ridiculed and vilified nationally, with companies dropping plans to expand operations in the state, performers canceling concerts, trade groups moving their conventions elsewhere and the NBA considering shifting the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte.

“We dare not add to the increasing levels of fear, suspicion and divisiveness in our state and in our nation. Our calling to welcome, to forgive and to love both God and neighbor is our powerful gift to the world,” Bishop Larry Goodpaster, Bishop Hope Morgan Ward and retired bishops Ray Chamberlain, Charlene Kammerer, Lawrence McCleskey, C.P. Minnick Jr., Thomas Stockton and William Willimon wrote in the letter.

“We urge all United Methodists to engage in prayer, in study of the issues, in patient listening and persevering conversation with others who hold differing opinion, and in courageous advocacy for what is right, just and good for all people in North Carolina,” they wrote.

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