To My Daughter

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Gurrrrl like abstinence -stop,  like behind- don’t look back, like control – self, like determined – drive on through the storm, like empower – yourself, like freedom – it ain’t free but its available, like God – you resemble, like heaven – there are many rooms don’t get stuck behind one door, like infinite – number of options, like jackass – is not equal to a woman of your stature, like king – needs a queen, like love – must be a two way street, like move – on, like never – settle, like over – achieve, like patient – with yourself first, like quintessential – you are, like respectful – you should be and treated as such, like Symphany Joseph – enough said, like thoughtful – (see S), like unhappy – you should not be, like virtuous – every woman needs to  be, like wonderfully, and fearfully made – you are, xenial – we should all strive to be, like young – you are, like zenith – level of actuality reached.. –  you are of wonderfully and beautifully made…not to be ripped apart by broken scissors.