Understanding The Presidential Debate

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Importance of presidential debates


The importance of presidential debates in the political landscape is to shape public opinion, inform voters, and hold candidates accountable for their policies and positions.


First and foremost, debates provide voters with an opportunity to see the candidates in action, side by side, discussing and defending their ideas. It allows voters to evaluate the candidates’ knowledge, communication skills, and ability to think on their feet. Debates offer a unique platform for candidates to present their vision for the country, articulate their policy proposals, and address pressing issues facing the nation.  Communication skills last night is where Pence fell quite short – especially with his “…sleeping with a teacher…” joke, considering lately we have had; (1) a sex show from Lauren Boebert during the Beetle Juice Show; (2) penis pics of Hunter Biden on display at a hearing by Marjorie Green and Gaetz involved in sex-trafficking.


Moreover, debates serve as a forum for candidates to challenge each other’s positions and policies. This back-and-forth exchange allows voters to witness how candidates respond to criticism – there was no response from Vivek Ramaswamy when Nikki Haley said, “…she feels dumber the more she listens to him….” Because Vivek said he joined Tiktok “…to reach the next generation of Americans…”  and how they defend their ideas. It helps voters assess the candidates’ ability to handle pressure and engage in constructive dialogue.


Debates also provide an opportunity for candidates to clarify their positions on various issues. Sometimes, campaign rhetoric can be vague or misleading, and debates force candidates to provide specific details and explanations. This helps voters make more informed decisions about which candidate aligns best with their values and priorities.

Speaking of clarifying – Scott’s comments felt like 10 lashes from the whip – “America has suffered because of slavery [America has NOT suffered because of slavery – folk came here not wanting to follow the rules and damn near made the Natives a memory], but we’ve overcome that – [yes and in 2024 we have to fight to vote]. Black families survived slavery – [no more hangings – just shoot to kill]. We survived poll taxes and literacy tests [IEP gets Federal funding and 6th & 7th graders crayons and coloring books in Urban schools]. We survived discrimination being woven into the laws of our country. What was hard to survive, was Johnson’s Great Society, where they decided to take the black father out of the household to get a check in the mail [sad to say this is true, living in the #Projects if get assistance you cannot have any semblance of a family unit mom and dad in the home, or the assistance is revoked!].  If you want to restore hope, you’ve got to restore the family restore capitalism, restore spirituality in the home.  I can say I have been discriminated against, but America is not a racist country [the country isn’t but millions of Americans are]. Never, ever, doubt who we are [regarding Black Americans there’s a Book that clearly defines who we are – if we only take time to read it, we would find our definitions and our greatest strength. We are the greatest country on God’s green earth. And frankly, the city on the hill needs a brand-new leader, and it’s not Scott.


Furthermore, debates serve as a check on candidates’ honesty and integrity, Chris Cristie nailed it when he said Donald Trump put 7 trillion on the debt, and when candidates make promises or claims, debates allow their opponents and moderators to fact-check and challenge them – as we know Trump made a lot of promises during his debate in 2016 which he failed to adhere to. Additionally calling Putin a genius – the man who had children and pregnant women killed and raped.

Border – the border has been an issue since 1776, that’s all I have to say about that.


Lastly, debates have a significant impact on voter turnout – in my opinion, the percentage of voter turn-out will be overwhelming in 2024 based on the red states implementing every block to allow democrats to vote minus simply blocking them at the door and making a law that takes away their right to vote.


In conclusion, presidential debates are of utmost importance in the electoral process. They provide voters with a firsthand look at the candidates, their policies, and their ability to lead. Debates foster transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making, making them a vital component of any democratic society. If only this statement were true: If we truly lived in a democratic society – candidates would not be in the running because they were able to raise enough funds.

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