Virtuous What It Isn’t



It reads her price is far above rubies that does not mean she’s not selling IT, and IT’S not for sale…

Her worth, a woman’s worth, your worth should mean so much to you that you wouldn’t let anyone de-value you.

You are worth more than a movie and dinner, or a Good Morning text on FB messenger, a once a month rendezvous, or the “privilege” of calling him your baby daddy on Facebook, or waiting for him to get a divorce, or believing God sent him because he’s fine, he goes to church and he asked can he call you sometime, or because the ring is enormous but rarely is he with you when you wear it.

Are you virtuous, do you want to be virtuous, for those of you that are virtuous, that’s great for those of you that said, “It depends on how expensive the dinner was.” well that’s not so virtuous, that’s more “Lamp Post-ish.” Don’t sell yourself for a $250 dollar dinner, or a key to his house, or a 6 inch sandwich from #Subway. For those of you that accepted the 1:35 am call or the 6 inch sub, but the bat (The bat is when we say things like, “Dang I wish I had not slept with him, and we say it all the time and we repeat all the negative consequences and we tell our friends and we tell the next guy and the next and the next and we feel bad about it all the time.) back in the closet.  We ALL have fallen short at least a few thousand times in our lives in all areas of our life.

So I’m on the Bus (in my younger days) traveling around just window shopping and I see something glittery from afar off.  As it moves towards me the shine increases, the sound coming from it is almost sensual and pleasurable.  I’ve seen this glow hundreds of times everywhere in my neighborhood from the window of my Bus, but every now and again there’s one of these things that just makes my eyes and thoughts go everywhere.  I think about who owns it, what does the owner look like, how much did that shine cost, would I like the shine, can I get the shine, and oh yes – what drama will come with that shine is NEVER addressed.  You see I wasn’t taught what NOT to do I was taught what TO do when it came to dating. When that car rolled up with those shiny rims, back in the late eighties, it meant someone driving had “cash flow” – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Your shortcomings are no worse than mine and mine are no greater than yours in the grand scheme of things.  My understanding is that stealing a balloon is the same sin as murder!


Don’t give it away it was ALREADY bought and paid for by a man who loved you enough to get whooped/beaten/spit on/slashed/and hung to the bone….

Does your man do any of this for you today, ask yourself what are you worth to YOU then you will find the answer of what you’re worth to him.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you find your worth is not as worthy as you once thought, rise to the occasion today and declare from this day forward, “I______________ will come to understand and value my worth.”




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2 thoughts on “Virtuous What It Isn’t

  1. It makes me think of Mary. This humble girl who in great love cared for and nurtured the very son of God.

    Many people don’t understand why in the oldest churches (Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Etc.) there is so much emphasis on Mary.

    It is because by Mary we see this beauty that is worth so much more than gold and jewels.

    The beauty of a life well lived in Faith and the blessed image it invokes.

    Great post 🙂

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