When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

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  1. Paid my first bill;
  2. Received my first speeding ticket;
  3. The day I was holding the sweetest creation I made, my daughter, I raised her up just above my head and she began to drool (just a tad) as she smiled and I didn’t flinch – my dad looked at me and said, “…you’re just gonna let her drool in your mouth…” all three of us smiled!
  4. Realizing my value and self-worth is more important than fixing you;
  5. When I discovered that there was joy and peace in letting go vs. holding on – then discovering the box was empty;
  6. Open the door WIDE when people walk out of my life,  smile at the good times, gently close the door, get a snack, watch a good Netflix movie, and carry on…
  7. Having conversations with God…

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