Who is Alton Sterling


…was he just another Black man gunned down?  It is incomprehensibly unbelievable, the police shot him after they had subdued him, why;  If he was armed he did not have the weapon drawn – considering he was on the ground after be electrocuted.  This is the one incident that has this writer struggling to find solace.  Has police training been evicted from the precincts, have the propensity for fear caused police to act violently.  The number of killings is rising, is it because we are in the “Last Days” and Satan is gaining momentum?  Has the Lord given up on our young men.  Do you have any thoughts in during these turbulent times.

My condolences to the Sterling family, I am so ashamed of behavior of those who pledged to protect and serve…

Nakia Jones speaks out for those that wear “Blue”

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Watch the murder here





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