Who Is This Man – the Bi-sexual Sociopath.1

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What Kind Monster Is He?

Sociopaths’ sexual traits are hard to fathom. The matrix of any normal romantic relationship is the physical expression of love. The thing is, in these situations, from their side of it, love’s got nothing to do with it.

If you’ve been in it you’ve seen that people without a conscious and a heart aren’t having loving relationships that play out well or nicely.

He seems to be all that you wanted, but he wont commit. His behavior towards you feels and looks like a monogmous relationship. He repeated states he is not ready for a relationship – he may even tell you, that he would like to be in one with you, but he’s afraid he can’t stop cheating.

Does he take regular male only ski trips and male only trips to Brazil or intermittent trips with only male college mates?

Have you experienced the horror and humiliation of finding out he’s bi-sexual after he walks out of your life as if he never knew you?

Are you finding it difficult to move on?

Overall though, it appears that bisexual men are simply viewed as gay men. There is no space for experimentation or fluidity, and so many men who are bisexual simply don’t come out as such because of our rigid ideas about manhood and, thus, male sexuality.

It seems that bisexuals cannot be monogamous (regardless of who they choose to commit to), and that, if given the option, they will always choose a “normal,” more traditional life, unless they are a sociopath, they will get involved until they need some new drama situation and walk away as if they never knew you. You’ll cringe at the complete cold unfeeling behavior you never experienced.

The Brazil Effect

A writer traveled to Brazil and documented a disturbing new trend there: African-American men taking sex vacation because the poverty in Latin America is crushing, and there’s no shortage of women in places like Rio willing to say and do whatever it takes to survive for the men on vacation.

There are beautiful women who are going, oh, I love black men, oh, you’re so beautiful, oh, the black men are this, the black men are that. And they realize that they don’t hear that kind of affirmation from American Black women and that kind of affirmation is what makes that experience so addictive, because men go down there time and time and time again. However, that’s not in every case some men get positive affirmations but their sociopathic minds won’t allow them to accept true love from anyone.

JFYI –True Sociopaths are unable to change their behavior, their brains do not function like those of us who are able feel emotions.

You are not alone, if interested in an anonymous support group, reply for the details, feel free to use a pseudo name – all information will be kept confidential.