Whose Steps Are You Walking In

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towel thrownA Season of Growth, A Season of Faith – Preparation invites us to take a good look at where we are and where God wants us to go.

This day was filled with revelations, learning, understanding, sharing and the delivery of words and ideas about how God works and what He wants from us and for us.

There are days when I’m so very sure I’m walking in the steps that were ordered for me, and then there is that one disappointment that I can and will allow to shake me. Does that mean that my faith is not as strong as it should be? Do I allow the friends of Job to whisper in my ear with suggestions of turning back? Have I not studied enough to know the difference between the voice of the Lord and that of something else? If I begin to answer those questions then I have indeed lost sight of what He wants for me?

I’ve learned that it’s in these moments when it seems like all hope is gone, my prayers have gone unanswered, and Satan is winning – if I throw in the towel, God will throw it back at me.

He’s not finished with me yet…

I am not to give up the good fight, it is when life goes awry by my eye’s vision that I must persevere and endure until I see His Face, face-to-face.




Grey's Anatomy Throwing in the Towel
He’s not finished with me yet…



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