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Since the #RodneyKing beating, the violence and anger toward each other has progressively risen from beating Black men in the street by Police Officers to shooting an unarmed man who was laying on the ground with his arms clearly in the air.  Young Black men have been shot in the head, the back and legs.  Young Black women have mysteriously been killed while in #lockup!

My father used to say to me, “Wendy, you know people will not continue to go hungry or starve, they will find a way to eat.”  I suspect if he were alive he would say, “Wendy, you know people will not continue to watch their loved ones get shot in the head, leg or their backs because the police “thought” they had a weapon and then have the murder justified  after they run the deceased’s name through the database and find out they HAD prior legal issues.”   I’m sure he would follow up with posing the the question, “What would I do if my daughter were caught in the line of fire?” Conversely,  as a mother, I might want instant retaliation, but as an African American woman I neither want to go to jail or live with the memory of the senseless killing of my daughter.  I can say senseless at this moment for 2 reasons, my daughter has never been arrested nor will she be as long as she follows the guidelines I prepared for her.  Although you know, a thought comes to mind, how many other children were fed the “right and wrong” speech and are no longer with us?

For this scenario I must defer to what I have learned from my relationship with the Lord.  He loves me, my daughter and my family and friends.   Accordingly, I trust Him, to wake me in the morning, to watch over my family during the day and evening.  Should a member of my family find themselves in line of fire, surely at first I would question, why Lord!  Moreover, I have come to understand that there is a presence among us that has a role to fulfill and that he must petition the Lord before he can act.  You know some folk don’t know that, don’t understand it and as a result refuse to believe that all things work together for the good.  In my final analysis, if my daughter we to find herself in the line of fire, I must and will trust that the Lord will reveal to me, as soon as I’m ready to not only hear it but accept it, why He as allowed such a tragedy occur in my life and hers.

Please watch the clip and answer the question posed by the little boy, if you can’t then you may understand why .



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